You Don’t Need To Be Afraid

Having sent out an application this past weekend to volunteer with missionaries overseas, I'm reflecting on the internal conflict that warred within me. Although I was excited about the thought volunteering overseas once again and grew more certain in my mind that I wished to pursue this opportunity, I can not deny that I was... Continue Reading →

Christianity Applied

How are you living out your Christian life? It's easy to say you're a Christian, but what is Christianity applied to your personal life suppose to look like? Are you trusting in Christ alone for your redemption, and clinging to Him alone to keep you close to God? Are you giving God the greatest priority of your life?... Continue Reading →

How Important Is It To You?

Does it ever seem as if there are not enough hours in a day (or week... or month) to do all the things that you need to do? So often it's as if we are perpetually playing catch up from the day before. Inevitably some things tend to get dropped as business increases and time... Continue Reading →

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