Am I Ashamed?

Are you a people pleaser? I am. As a little girl, I was often pushed aside by others my age, and I struggled with what my peers thought of me. As I grew up, I became even more concerned about others' perception of me. I did everything I could think of to be the person... Continue Reading →

When You’re Choosing Your Tomorrow

Today's one of the biggest days of my post-secondary education - it's the day I decide on which concentration I'll be studying. To some of you, that doesn't sound like much of a decision. However, for this can-never-make-up-her-mind woman, this day has been haunting my mind since before the first day of college. Whenever it... Continue Reading →

The Battlefield of Books

While waiting to meet up with some friends yesterday evening, I decided to peruse through the nearby bookstore. Hoping to (maybe) find a couple of solid Christian nonfiction books I didn't have, I quickly made my way to the "religious books" section. There wasn't much new or different that was solid doctrinally. Just as I... Continue Reading →

Do Not Conform

I hate sticking out. So often I want to blend right in with the crowd. The thought of being singled out or ridiculed because I might be different from others in a particular area is just plain awkward and uncomfortable. I don't exactly enjoy standing up for what I believe while everyone else standing around... Continue Reading →

My Dependency is My Hope

"for it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure."  - Philippians 2:13 This is one verse I have been constantly reminding myself of lately. I'm the type of person that always feels the need to prove (even if just to myself) that I can defeat or... Continue Reading →

How’s Your Perspective?

Monday marks the one year anniversary of my first day in the fast-food industry. It's been a long year. I wasn't suppose to be here. According to my plans, leaving the construction industry and entering fast-food services wasn't an option. Being hindered in slight but significant ways physically frustrated me greatly. Circumstances that evolved around... Continue Reading →

All We Need Is Him

Since the two weeks I lived a restricted life-style for a self-imposed challenge, I am shocked by what I have been learning. Growing up in a well-off North-American family, I took a lot for granted. I simply expected to always have needs met. The many things my heart constantly desired were easily considered a 'must'... Continue Reading →

Meeting Trials With Peace

When you're caught in the trials and frustrations of life, where do you turn?   I'll be honest: the past few weeks were difficult. As an emotional person, I tend to get caught up and overwhelmed so easily, and with the mixture of making a few major decisions for my future and a lack of... Continue Reading →

The Woman in the Mirror

This weekend I enjoyed the privilege of attending a wedding of some dear friends of mine. The wedding was beautiful, the bride was radiant, and the evening was a joyous celebration of two lovebirds joining into life-long union. As I sit here musing over the wedding celebration, this evening brought a question to mind. During... Continue Reading →

Convictions and My Challenge

Today is my 4th day of my Poverty Awareness Challenge. Let me back up. Having been thinking lots about the extent of poverty many people experience (even more-so as I'm preparing to potentially go volunteer with some missionaries in a Third World country), I've been convicted of my and so many others' apathy for the... Continue Reading →

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