Christianity Applied

How are you living out your Christian life?

It’s easy to say you’re a Christian, but what is Christianity applied to your personal life suppose to look like?
Are you trusting in Christ alone for your redemption, and clinging to Him alone to keep you close to God?

Are you giving God the greatest priority of your life?

Are you actively living out your life to glorify God with all that you have (time, money, abilities), and not yourself?

Are you believing that God is sovereign – not just telling yourself He’s in charge, but living in such a way that shouts through every trial and heartache that you face that God will use it for His glory and ultimate good?

Are you looking at your own sinful heart first, dealing with what you are doing wrong before pointing the finger anywhere else?

Are you choosing daily to fight against temptation and sin – to make the hard choices, simply because they are the right choices?

Are you willing to put aside your own agenda to help, encourage, and aid others?

Are you loving others and striving to show unconditional kindness, even when they constantly belittle you and tear you down?

Are you praying for your “enemies”, asking God to give you the same love for them that He has for you?”

Are you seeking to be the first to reach out in forgiveness, regardless of the wrong they have done to you, and choose not to hold that against them?

Are you living “peaceably among men“, being known by those around you as one who builds unity and helps resolve issues by gentleness, calmness, and compassion?

Are you making sacrifices in your life so that you may be able to aid others?

Are you striving for unity with your brothers and sisters in Christ, by considering them “more significant than yourselves” (Philippians 2:3)?

Are you serving other Christians by exhorting, counseling, guiding, encouraging, rebuking, discipling, and aiding each other with grace?

Are you allowing others to do the same towards you?

Are you listening to the truth and considering the implications for your life, even if that information was presented to you in a blunt or hurtful manner? Do you block out and disregard essential truth you desperately need, simply because you did not appreciate the way it was presented?

Are you claiming to be a Christian but are unwilling to let Christ change you in any and every way He sees fit?

If you say you are a Christian, stop just saying it – start living it.

“But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.” ~ James 1:22
“So faith also by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.” ~ James 2:17

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