Reshare of "Seven Costs of Disciple-Making" by David Mathis

During the past couple of weeks I have come to truly appreciate the email subscriptions to blogs and websites that provide encouragement and teaching to Christians throughout the week – a few favorites of mine being,, and Though admittedly I don’t read every article sent to me, the ones I have read have been a great source of encouragement to me.

My read this morning was a post Desiring God emailed to me yesterday (February 8, 2017), titled “Seven Costs of Disciple-Making” by David Mathis. In his excellent exhortation, Mathis not only discusses what disciple-making is, but more importantly what makes it so difficult. This challenging article showed me the heart of Christians’ neglect to disciple: discipling is a costly road, and we in our self-centredness would prefer the cheap and easy routes.

Far too often we would eagerly give up that which is of eternal value in order to hold on to that which is temporary.

If you are struggling with disciple-making (or even the thought of it), questioning the importance of it, or living your life in complacency towards the call of the Great Commission to “make disciples”, this article is definitely for you.

If none of these three catagories describes you, Mathis’s post is still for you.

Hope this article is as much a challenge and exhortation for you as it was for me.

“Seven Costs of Disciple-Making” by David Mathis


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